Hi! I’m Charlene and Sporadic Obsessions is my blog. I’m a thirty–something living in South Florida. I love being thrifty, creative and crafty. I also love to entertain. I spend most of my free time on Pinterest and Bloglovin. So I thought, “Why not join the fun?” and started a blog.

Sporadic Obsessions is a reflection of my fleeting hobbies and projects. I tend to latch on to an idea or project and become consumed with making it happen. Thus making me a Jackie of all Trades, master of none. My latest obsession, you guessed it… this blog. Want to know a little more about me, check out my 9 random questions post.

The purpose of Sporadic Obsessions is to encourage, empower, and inspire others as they pursue creative outlets and the joy gained from trying new things. I will post articles weekly about my current obsessions (and by obsessions I mean hobbies) and life triumphs and the occasional mishap! So, if you would like to follow (or participate) in my misadventures into thrifting, home décor, DIY projects, cooking, etc. connect with me on social media… the links are below. Because, you can never have too many partners in crime!

My new motto is “Time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted.” ~ John Lennon

So, let’s waste time together!

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