“Dance it Out” – My Happy Playlist

Did you know that dancing is a stress reliever? Dancing is actually a great cardiovascular workout, it releases the same feel-good endorphins as traditional exercising. And it’s fun! In fact, dancing has been scientifically proven to help reduce both anxiety and stress levels. According to Psychologytoday.com, “in a study at the University of Derby, depressed patients given salsa dancing lessons improved their moods significantly by the end of the nine-week, hip-swiveling therapy.”

The best part is you don’t need a formal dance class to experience the feel-good benefits of dancing. You can dance by yourself behind a closed-door and dance yourself happy.  If you’re a fan of  Shonda Rhimes and ABC’s Thursday night lineup “TGIT”  then you already know that when life gets tough; sometimes you just have to “Dance it Out”! Shonda often writes scenes where her main characters “Dance Out” their woes to a funky beat!

Christina from Grey’s Anatomy Danced It Out

Olivia and Milly from Scandal Danced It Out

Even in her book, Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person, she mentions – dancing! Her book is an honest, humorous, and inspiring memoir. I highly recommend the audio version, it’s great to hear her words in her own voice.

Inspired by the #TGIT characters I created a “Happy Playlist”, a playlist of songs that instantly lift my spirits! This playlist is perfect for a private lunch time jam session when you’re having a bad day at work or when you want to celebrate a win! Just “Dance it Out”!

If you ever need a pick me up and need to “Dance it Out”, feel free to borrow my playlist. It’s available below and on Spotify. This playlist is over an hour of fun and upbeat songs that are guaranteed to put you in a happier mood.

Here’s my “Happy Playlist”…. Enjoy!

Follow my Spotify account to see all of my playlists. If you’re a fan of this playlist and being happy, you should take a peak at my 10 Quotes to Brighten Your Day post! And if you need some dancing inspiration reference the image below! If you ever find yourself dancing to this playlist be sure to snap a picture and use the hashtag #SOtriedit; so that we can all find it and like it!

What’s your favorite “happy” song? Post it in the comment section! Save




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