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10 Swimsuits Under $30

10 Swimsuits Under $30Happy Monday, everyone! Summer solstice (first day of summer) is only a couple of weeks away. So, I wanted to share a few flattering swimsuit I found on Amazon for less than $30. The cool thing about shopping on Amazon is that they have a customer image section. If you scroll down on the product’s webpage (near the reviews) you will find the customer images section. So not only do you get to read the customer reviews; you can also see the swimsuit on “real” women. This feature makes shopping online for a swimsuit a little less scary.


Thrifting 101 – Fashion Inspiration

Happy National Women’s Month!

Today, I’m continuing my thrifting series with a new thrifting post. My thrifting posts are my most popular post on Pinterest, so thanks for the love!

I reached out to some of my thrifting blogger friends and created this roundup of bloggers who post thrifting advice and fashion inspiration on their blogs. Take a look these chic ladies, you’d never know that their outfits are thrifted or “vintage” as I like to say!  Check out their blogs for more fashion inspiration! Be sure to let them know I sent you!

Youtuber Advice on How to Look Glam

And We Slay Image via Etsy Seller The Blowout. Go Check out her shop!
Since Beyonce has everyone running around trying to “Slay” their personal appearance, I started to look into ways I could step up my game! Luckily, I’m cute and don’t have a long way to go! HaHa! But, I know I’m not the only one out there who wants to “glam” up their look a little, so I decided to share some of my finds with you.
My learning style is 50% visual learner and 50% kinesthetic leaner. So when it come to practical skills like “looking put together” reading a long article about it just doesn’t cut it. If you’re like me, Youtube should be your new best friend. I search long and hard to find inspirational and motivational videos on how to look put together or “glam”. Not really! But I did find some great videos that I would like share… Enjoy!
Disclaimer: This post is video heavy! (more…)

My #TreatYoSelf Wish List

#treatyoself wish list Hey y’all! Yesterday, I saw one of the bloggers I follow on instagram (my username: sporadic_obsessions) use the hashtag #treatyoself.  Of course, I then clicked on the hashtag to see how others used it! Most seem to use the hashtag on drool worthy food pics. I have a serious sweet tooth, so I don’t consider deserts to be a treats. Cookies, ice cream, and cupcakes are just a normal part of my week!

But, I loved the idea of this hashtag as inspiration to do nice things for yourself. I think that self-love and taking the time to care for yourself is very important, especially for women. It’s easy for women to become so consumed with taking care of others (spouse, children, parents, boss, friends, ect.) that they put their own wants and needs on the back burner. And sometimes we neglect ourselves for so long that we can’t remember what we actually like, want or need. Now if the above self-care statements were not enough of a justification for “treating yourself” keep reading.