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The Most ‘Instagramable’ National Holidays (U.S.)

It seems like every day I visit Instagram the masses are posting about some national holiday I’ve never heard of. And I feel late. So even though its half way through the year I decided to look up all the national holidays so that I can participate in my favorites for the rest of the year. I compiled this list of the most “Instagramable” (in my opinion) national holidays, this way we all can take part in the holiday fun! And you don’t have to search through the database like I did. Please note: this list does not include national holidays that do not fall on a specific date each year like Mother’s Day, Mardi Gras, and Thanksgiving.

Is there a national holiday that you think we need to indoctrinate?Leave you ideas in the comment section.



34 Places to Get Freebies on Your Birthday

34 Places to get Freebies on Your Birthday Who doesn’t love free stuff? And freebies on your birthday… it doesn’t get any better than that! My 34th birthday is this Friday, so today I’m sharing 34 of my favorite birthday freebies. This list includes both restaurants and retailers! Lots of companies want to help you celebrate your special day and want to give you a gift on your birthday


Pre Teen Easter Basket

Pre Teen Easter Basket ShoppingI know that Easter was over a week ago, but my Easter basket was such a big hit I decided to write a #latepost. This Easter, I made an Easter basket for a pre-teen young lady.  I’m not trying to brag or anything, but she LOVED it! Since my basket recipient was not a little girl, I didn’t want to make the traditional girly basket with coloring books, candy, and toys. I wanted my basket to be “on fleek” (that’s what the kids are saying these days). So, I asked myself what do teen girls like and where do teen girls shop (because at the end of the day pre-teen girls want whatever teen girls have)!
After, channeling my inner teen girl this is what I came up with. (more…)