Thrifting 101: Tricks of the Trade (Part 1)

Thrifting Tips and TricksIn this installment of Thrifting 101, I’d like to share tricks for making thrifted items look like new and smell like new again. When thrift shopping it’s important to shop with an open mind so that you can see the potential in the discarded items. Like they say, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

The Power of Spray Paint
The easiest way to make a thrifted item look like new is a fresh coat of paint. I don’t want to brag but my spray paint game is on point! Below are the before and after pictures, illustrating the power of spray paint.
I recently discovered the spray paint handle, and it makes spray painting large items super easy. It’s a DIY must have; a trigger finger life saver. Here’s the one I have.

Krylon K07091000  Snap and Spray Can Handle

I used this handle on my second-hand (and free) patio set. Excuse the quality of the pictures, they were taken pre-blog.
This is the before. These chairs were good quality patio furniture (6 chairs in total). There made of very heavy and sturdy iron, but as you can see… they were really rusty. So I sanded them down and spray painted them.
The Power of Spray Paint Eight cans of spray paint later (yes 8!!). That’s why you need the Spray Grip for big projects. After spray painting I had a beautiful new looking patio set.
Power of Spray Paint
What are your tips for cleaning or updating thrift store finds? Leave them in the comments below.



4 Responses to Thrifting 101: Tricks of the Trade (Part 1)

  1. Caroline S. says:

    How exciting! I LOVE thrift shopping! I haven’t been furniture shopping, however since I usually am confined to living in a room or sharing space with someone else. But I am definitely going to be a thrifty furniture girl when I finally have my own house! At least for certain things like tables, chairs, dressers, etc! Thanks for the tips!

    As far as your patio furniture. Does sanding help rid rust? Is that why you sanded it first?

    • says:

      Hi. The sanding helps to smooth the surface to get it ready for the spray paint. Rust spots tend to be flaky so you want to sand if so that there aren’t any shape edges or rough spots. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Cara Z says:

    I had no idea there was a such thing as spray paint handles! Great article!
    -Cara Z

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